MiniMoon™ ☾ Pillow


Meet MiniMoon™  a smaller version of the MoonWomb™ 

This gorgeous crescent pillow comes in a size comparable to commercial nursing pillows. Although it is smaller than the MoonWomb™, it is still an incredible pillow for your mothering journey. We design multi-purpose products that have several uses to cut down on excess items around the house. These are just *some* of the many ways to enjoy your MiniMoon: 

• The best sized nursing pillow for those early days, elevates baby to your breast, provides flexible yet stable support to obtain a proper latch. Highly recommended for first time moms that plan to breastfeed. 
• to prop baby up for feeding or playtime. 
•Take this one on the go, in the car, out for picnics, or to your besties house. 
• Tummy time will be a breeze and much more fun for your baby as they will be elevated slightly to gain more perspective.

• Assists to alleviate gas pressure and uncomfortable reflux.

• Cozy body pillow for littles, belly wedge for mama, or between the knees to align the spine.

• Perfect laptop or iPad holder, buckwheat hulls are a de-radiator and naturally reduce emf exposure. 

• Neck pillow for lounging or traveling. 

• Meditation, yoga, stretching, massage.

Buckwheat hulls have a unique structure that allows the pillow to remain flexible and form to your body. Air flows freely through the hulls providing a safer rest, reducing sweating and overheating cause by polyfill and foam. Made from all organic plant based biodegradable materials. Feel good, knowing that this product will not be a burden on Mother Nature. 

Approximately 28"x9"x6"
Weights 3 lbs
Includes pocket with a removable aromatherapy pouch (filled with organic lavender and chamomile flowers) 



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