Organic MoonWomb © ☾ Quilted Muslin


Organically made MoonWomb © ☾ Featuring a 4 layer organic muslin cotton cover and completely organic materials inside and out. (See materials and product care below) 

The first therapeutic maternal pillow. For pregnancy, nursing, and serious cuddle time.

An heirloom crescent shaped pillow made from ALL organic sustainable materials. The MoonWomb™ includes a small aromatherapy pocket with a removable sachet of organic lavender and chamomile flowers, that will help to calm you and your baby. (Can be omitted for those sensitive to herbs, add note at checkout) 

 Large surface area 33"x 16"x 9" and works for pregnancy and feeding babies from birth on up. 

A highly versatile pillow that will comfort your growing belly and when baby arrives it will provide stable comforting support, keeping baby close to you and assist in obtaining a proper latch. Its filling is move-able yet stable so you and your baby both feel supported in all the right places. Generously sized so that you will not be hunching or leaning over to reach your babies mouth. Supports  and encourages many breastfeeding positions from cradle to football to nursing twins, even side-lying.

Read about positions and pregnancy here:

MoonWomb™ ☾ for Pregnancy

MoonWomb™ ☾ Feeding Positions

 MoonWomb™ ☾Materials 

You may add or remove hulls to achieve your preferred fullness/firmness. See product care for instructions 


Nursing pillow redefined

 *Please do not leave baby unattended, staying with baby is best.

materials & care

100% organic cotton 

Organic thread / organic muslin gauze 180 gsm / 4 Layers 

This blanket was created using fabric that was produced ethically, organically and sustainably.

Woven traditionally by a vintage handloom in a small Turkish village. Weavers are paid above average wages and are a vital part of their local economy. 

~if using a washing machine, we recommend washing in a garment bag with similar linens. No Velcro or denim. wash-cold or warm/gentle or delicate. 

~You may tumble dry on low heat if you wish, however  be careful not to dry with high heat as it will damage the delicate fibers which could result in losing some of the softness.



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