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I am currently using this pillow to get a good night sleep during 3rd trimester and its awesome as a body pillow! But I look forward to using it as a nursing pillow soon. I am a Midwife and will recommend this pillow to all future clients.

Jaime {Midwife} San Fransisco, CA

Gorgeous! Incredible construction and attention to detail. Pillow is perfect height for nursing unlike the big brand names. This smells amazing as well!

Heather Vacaville, CA

Perfect nursing pillow. We've had it less than 24 hours and it's been getting non stop use; also works great for supervised naps and bottle feeds. The cover is nice and comfy.

Karlee Tallahassee, FL

my baby absolutely loves this bed, it has been a total lifesaver and I no longer have to sleep with her on my chest or pass her to dad because she won't sleep
Unless someone is holding her! Since we got this she sleeps like a DREAM. I sleep right next to it too because it smells so good and the side is big enough to be a pillow for me! I am so happy I found this! I can tell we will be using it for a good amount of time too. Love the shibori cover. The best! X

Allison Los Angeles, CA

Regular pillows were propping me up just fine, but they were making me so hot - I took a chance on this and it breathes just wonderfully. Sleeping so much better now!

Emily, IL

I lovvvvve my moon pillow! Sleeping is much more comfortable! I'm 23weeks and have been using my moon pillow for awhile now & it has completely changed my sleep! I recommend this pillow for every pregnant woman! Even in the first trimester I felt the difference! Worth it! I love the natural & organic materials & can't wait to share my pillow with my sweet babe in October! Thank you for creating such an amazing product!!!

Sara, CA

"Be careful, your boyfriend/husband/significant other will steal it! I might have to buy another just for him. :) Needless to say, we both love it!"

Madeline, FL


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Made from the highest quality organic materials, anti-allergen, breathable allowing air to flow freely, remove-able pouch within contains organic chamomile and lavender flowers to calm and soothe. 


MiniMoon™ ☾

A petite version for use as a pregnancy wedge, nursing pillow, toddler pillow, or meditation pouf. A generous size of 28"x 9"x 6"


The MoonBay™

Organic cove for your earth conscious baby.

A perfect little bay to embrace baby during naps, co-sleeping and playtime. Made from 100% Sustainable organic materials. Locally sourced.