The regeneration of our world begins at home. Conscious and mindful living has a positive impact on environmental health and gives us hope for a more sustainable future.

Our commitment has always been to do business intentionally in a way that is environmentally responsible. Designing products that have a beneficial  multi use purpose. Durable heirloom quality that can be passed down. Consciously choosing people, children, animals, nature, and quality of life over profit. 

Our standards:

  • Source materials locally, from ethical businesses that practice sustainability. This also includes treating their weavers, dyers and employees well and paying fair living wages. 
  • Using materials that are 100% free from chemicals or toxins, sustainably produced, fully biodegradable, organic and compostable (except the brass portion of the zipper, remove before composting and reuse ♻️ or repurpose) Including our signature filling of organic buckwheat hulls from South Dakota. The hull is the outside of the buckwheat seed (a super regenerative crop) which would otherwise be waste or used for mulch. It’s been traditionally used  for pillow filling in the east dating back over a thousand years. 
  • Zero Waste packaging. No plastic bags inside of plastic bags inside of cardboard with unnecessary tags and excessive printed materials.


  • Carbon Neutral Shipping. Every shipment results in a certain amount of carbon being released into the atmosphere. The amount of carbon that each shipment releases are calculated and then carbon offsets are purchased to make the shipment carbon neutral.
  • Using BPA Free, sustainable thermal labels made from recycled, biodegradable materials (no ink)
  • Small footprint. We operate fully in a space that is 1200 sq.ft. 


  •  Textile waste is a large issue worldwide. We use every piece of fabric for other products. Our local quilt club receives a portion of the scrap, the rest is added to our sustainable pet beds and donated to the humane society.