We appreciate every single purchase and donate 3% of our sales profit to new mothers in need, birthing centers, midwives, doulas, lactation consultants and hospitals. Please contact us directly to apply for a donation. In 2021 we donated over 100 pillows in the United States!  

  • Install Solar Panels on our Workshop to reduce our energy consumption. Continue to provide local jobs with above average living wages. 
  • Start a local Composting place where community may drop off and pick up 
  • Begin growing buckwheat hulls, flax, lavender, chamomile on a regenerative community co-op farm in Pagosa Springs, CO. Supply our local community with organic freshly grown food at an affordable rate or trade. Donate a portion of the harvest to those who would benefit from it the most. Offer workshops and clinics on how to minimize waste at home, how to start your own garden and the importance of healthy soil.
  • Expand partnerships with organic hemp, cotton farmers and weavers to create handwoven goods. When we have the opportunity to collaborate on what is being grown, woven and made, ethical wages and treatment is assured. This way you are getting a product that is made by well paid artisans that support family and community. 
  • Open a community recycling facility that repurposes boxes and used clothing that cannot be donated into building materials and new textiles. 
  • Continue to donate to local women's health clinic, maintain involvement in the Four Corners Breastfeeding Chapter. 
  • Continue to advocate for a local birthing center. The closest hospital for birth is in Durango which is over an hour drive from Pagosa Springs and longer in the snowy months.

Please get in touch!