The Sustainable Baby Co. was born in 2015.  Offering 100% safe organic healthy and most of all sustainable baby products. Created by a nursing mother The MoonWomb™ ☾ revolutionizes nursing pillows. It was designed be an all in one baby pillow that you can use during pregnancy, for nursing and lounging. From maternity to cuddle time, this pillow has you covered. 


We appreciate every single purchase and donate 10% of our pillows to new mothers in need. If you or someone you know would benefit from a donated pillow such as a new mom, hospital, midwifery, home birth professionals, or lactation consultant. Please contact us at


Compostable so when your pillow finally wears out, (lasts up to 10 years or more) it won’t be a burden on our environment.
Our pillows are handcrafted with love and care. Made locally in Denver, Colorado. Using only the finest organic materials to provide an heirloom quality product that is safe for you and your little one, free of chemicals. 


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We use materials that are Eco-friendly, vegan, fair trade, and compo-stable so that our pillows won't be a burden on the environment for future generations. Minimal packaging to reduce waste, using recycled boxes and your cotton drawstring bag. No plastic is ever used in the production of our pillows.

•All materials are 100% organic
•90% locally sourced.
•Hand crafted in Denver, Colorado
•Pillows unique design allows for a womb like stable experience for the baby.
•Buckwheat hulls have a unique structure that allows the pillow to form to your body providing a luxurious slumber.
•naturally molds to baby's shape
•The air flows freely through the hulls providing a safer rest.
•Perfect maternity pillow to alleviate belly pressure.
•Pocket with removable aromatherapy pouch filled with organic lavender and chamomile flowers.
• Breath-ability keeps baby from overheating, 
• Hypoallergenic
• Distributes weight evenly
• Constant ventilation
• Comforting
• Durable
• Last 10 years and longer
• Sustainable
• Therapeutic
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