Pillow Revival


Renewing items is a wonderful way to fight Environmental damage. Send us your pillow and we will have it looking as good as new. 

Complete refresh for your loved items. Includes steam cleaning, filling replacement, mending and repair. Simply send us the item with the label provided. We will bring your item back to life and send it back to you. 

Botanical Dye service is also available for your loved covers. Colors are seasonal depending on what is available to gather in our gardens. Indigo is available year round and is best for stained items.
Turnaround time is approximately 5 business days once received. 


For a quick refresh of your own, simply remove the cover and lay your item in a safe place outside under the sun to reenergize and disinfect.

If you have a light color, natural or white cover and you want to give it life again try natural dyeing. In most cases you will have ingredients already available in your kitchen.

Some of our favorites are onion skins, coffee grounds, green tea, turmeric and avocado pits.