Organic Stonewashed Linen Moon Womb Covers


Linen is back and more colorful than ever. The Midsummer Night’s Dream Collection features a rainbow of soothing colors on deliciously soft,  temperature regulating, breathable, life giving linen. Refresh your current MoonWomb pillow or grab an extra for backup use.

The palette was chosen based on chromotherapy (color therapy) Which has benefits by calming us, by soothing us, and by offering some much-needed positive energy.

Because these are small batch production, limited quantities are available. 

The temperature regulating properties of linen keep you comfortable and cool in the summer and warm and dry in the winter. Linen is a great choice for those with sensitive skin including babies and kids. 

Softens with each wash

OEKO Tex Certified

Dyed with eco safe water based dye or botanical plant dye. (**Plant dyes: Indigo, madder root, chamomile, oak, ponderosa pine bark, acorn, lemon balm, pomegranate **organic and sustainably harvested)




Linen is a natural fiber which originates from the flax plant. Flax uses drastically less water and energy to produce than cotton or polyester. 

Flax grows well in poor soil which is not used for food production. It actually rehabilitates polluted soil similar to buckwheat. Flax absorbs 2 tons of carbon dioxide for every ton of cellulose it produces. Because it has the ability to grow well without pesticides or fertilizers makes it a wonderful fiber to use.




Stonewashed linen is a delicate woven fabric that is also incredibly durable when cared for properly.
Here are some recommendations to achieve longevity and minimize waste. 

• Delicate wash, inside out 

• warm or cool water by hand or machine if you prefer

• hang to dry 

• we like it a little rumpled but iron on low low heat if you wish :) 

Linen age’s beautifully and softens with each wash.