Handwoven Quilted Blanket

Consciously crafted combining 8 layers of natural, un-dyed, hand woven organic gauze cotton. This pure hand-loomed blanket is perfect for babies sensitive skin. It is breathable yet has a wonderful thickness to it and soft like a cloud. It will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter making it your favorite go to blanket year round.

Land of Pillows

Hello beautiful

We're dreamers. Dreaming of a world that can forever sustain life. A world that is full of beauty, nature, and joy for us, our children and their children's children. We started with a pillow that would be versatile, functional and therapeutic. A comforting pillow that wouldn't create current or future health and environmental problems. A handcrafted organic regenerative pillow free from plastics, polyfill and chemicals. A ethical and responsible pillow we couldn't wait to cuddle every night.

That pillow has grown into a community of wonderful customers committing to the regeneration of sustainable practices, nature, and the future. Thank you for visiting us, we hope you find something that you love and use for years to come. Read More about us and our process, materials and ethics.

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Pure comfort.

 Our Sobakawa style Moon and Beam pillows come with all the benefits that have been recognized for centuries. In the eastern world, using a buckwheat hull support pillow is common practice, and for good reason. Revered for being ultra supportive, grounding and comforting.