SōL Conscious ☉ Blanket


Essential consciously created blanket with 6 layers of naturally un-dyed, hand loomed, organic cotton. Breathable, lightweight yet thick and luxuriously soft. Hand sewn and finished with raw fringe edging. 

Pre-washed and line dried in the Colorado mountain sun at 8,000 ft. This minimizes any shrinkage and achieves  the finished quilted effect. Size is approximately *45” x 45” 


Because our products are handmade in limited quantities, each piece will have pleasing irregularities and slight variations.

materials & care

100% organic cotton 

Organic thread / organic muslin gauze 240 gsm / 6 layers 

This blanket was created using fabric that was produced ethically, organically and sustainably.

Woven traditionally by a vintage handloom in a small Turkish village. Weavers are paid above average wages and are a vital part of their local economy. 

dimensions / 45” x 45” 


~if using a washing machine, we recommend washing in a garment bag with similar linens. No Velcro or denim. wash-cold or warm/gentle or delicate. 

~You may tumble dry on low heat if you wish, however  be careful not to dry with high heat as it will damage the delicate fibers which could result in losing some of the softness.




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