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Organic Cotton

Why Organic Cotton?
People are catching on to the vast benefits of organic food and using organic products in their lives. But what about textile?
Using organic fabrics has a major positive impact on your health and the health of our planet.

~Replenishes and maintains soil fertility🌱
~Uses far less water and prevents water contamination 💦
~Builds and supports biologically diverse agriculture🌵
~Contributes to ecological and social sustainability
~ Softer and easier on your skin ☁️

Never treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides or Genetically Modified Organisms {which are harmful to farmers, us the consumer, and to wildlife eco-systems}
In many countries, cotton is still hand picked; therefore anyone working in those fields is exposed to extreme amounts of toxic chemicals. 55 million pounds of pesticides were being sprayed on 12.8 million acres of cotton in 2003, according to the Organic Trade Association. These chemicals run off and contaminate the water supply. They are considered to be the most toxic chemicals in the world. The health risks of pesticide exposure include birth defects, reproductive disorders and weaker immune systems.

Organic is Safer for us, and Safer for her 🌎
December 12, 2016 by Jamie B