Hava Organic Hand-loomed Cotton Muslin 8 Layered Blankets


Consciously crafted combining 8 layers of natural, un-dyed, hand woven organic gauze cotton. This pure hand-loomed blanket is perfect for babies sensitive skin. It is breathable yet has a wonderful thickness to it and soft like a cloud. It will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter making it your favorite go to blanket year round.

Muslin fabric has a deep historical significance that dates back hundreds of years. It is known as dokuma hava, which means “woven air”. The layered muslin is desired for babies due to its ultra lightweight, absorbable and sensory soft properties. This luxury fabric is considered the softest and most breathable available.

Due to British rule over ancient India. The taxes and tariffs destroyed their weaving industry. Thankfully in the late 1990’s a revival began. 

 This particular cloth is woven traditionally by handloom in a small Turkish village where weavers are paid above average wages and are a vital part of their local economy. Always made ethically, organically and sustainably.

 The artesian techniques and skills utilized to create this cloth result in a healthy, breathable, durable, and harmonious product composed of 100% biodegradable organic cotton fabric.


We have pre-washed the fabric beforehand to obtain the lovely quilted effect, the finished size is 45” x 45” and 45” x 70”

* Because our products are handmade in limited quantities, each piece will have pleasing irregularities and slight variations.


materials & care

100% Organic Cotton (Turkey)

100% biodegradable 


45” x 50” Child size

45” x 70” Adult Size 


Prewashed in cool water delicate, laid flat to dry in the sunshine. 



we recommend hand wash / air dry (cool water) 

Heat can make the fibers feel course and not as soft. 

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