Dye Process 

Each of our products are dyed by hand in small batches. We put creative love and intention into every piece. 

Natural Sustainable Plant Dyes

We use a range of sustainably sourced materials for our botanical dyes including madder root, quebracho rojo, indigo, pomegranate, cochineal, iron, and natural ph modifiers. If you enjoy a unique appearance that can range from a tie-dyed effect to darker and lighter spots then Natural Dyes are a great choice. Natural dyes can fade faster than synthetic dyes but they have amazing wellness benefits and are by far the most eco friendly. Plant dyes can easily be bleached by natural soaps, deodorants, and detergents and require a little more effort and mindfulness when worn and washed. 
Natural dyes are as unpredictable as nature itself, so if you are looking for something constant we recommend choosing a solid color or one of our beautifully designed indie prints.

Beauty and Variations in Hand Dyed Garments

Inconsistency and variations of color is to be expected and part of the beauty of hand dying organic fabric. This means colors can shift from dye bath to dye bath and from season to season, based on the specific conditions when each fiber was grown. It is truly our joy to honor the Nature of Nature by allowing her to speak through our textiles in this way. Thanks so much for joining us and we hope you enjoy your one of a kind dyed product.
Please use care when washing, Indigo especially should be washed alone by hand or on delicate and can have minimal croaking.