Reasons The MoonWomb is The Best Pregnancy Pillow. 

Sleeping positions while pregnant are important. The MoonWomb™ will provide the much needed support for your growing baby bump, back, neck, shoulders, legs, and entire body.
The MoonWomb™ aligns your body providing more restful sleep.  


  • Improves blood circulation to the legs, thereby preventing muscle tension, sore knees, and achy legs
  • supports the weight of your womb 
  • helps obtain proper sleeping posture
  • helps those with varicose veins, swollen legs, tired feet and ankles
  • prevents hips from rotating and rolling over while you sleep
  • supports the lower body and relieves lower back pain by positioning your legs, hips, knee and spine in the correct anatomical alignment
  • reduces stress on knees and provides relief from sciatica and cervical issues
  • eliminates pressure and muscle tension in your lower back and hips by preventing spinal pulling
  • reduces tension, headaches and migraines 
  • temperature regulation 
  • anti allergen and dust mite resistant 
  • reduces emf exposure to womb 
  • no chemicals or pesticides 
  • safe for sensitive skin
  • achieve better sleep overall

    Deigned to be a versatile pillow that will relieve your growing belly and pelvis pressure. Because of the low compression, it takes the weight off of your hips, pelvis and spine. You will find that this minimalistic design is much more comfortable and functional than the bulky pregnancy pillows found in large retailers. It is a must have pillow for sex while pregnant. You can use it under your tailbone to support your body and maintain comfort. On days where you just want to lay on your tummy, you can shape the pillow into a circle and lie down with your belly in the center. The hulls hold a lot of weight without compressing so you can enjoy some time to rest your back. During birth your moon pillow will also help you with lowering baby into the birth canal. Sitting on the middle of the moon with the sides pulled into the center, rest your legs gently over the sides, the opening in the middle will allow your pelvis to sink and open allowing baby to transition lower. It is also a wonderful resting space for laboring because it takes the weight off of your arms. If you are on all fours, lay into childspose with your chest hitting mid moon, similar to the belly relief position. This will give you a nice break from supporting yourself through contractions.

    When baby arrives it will provide stable comforting support, protecting your tender womb. Keeping baby close, properly supported, at the perfect height and angle to you, assisting in obtaining a natural and proper latch. It is important to be relaxed during this time, having the sensory weighted moon pillow will reduce your anxiety and in turn reduce babies stress levels. The filling is move-able yet stable, holds shape and form while being incredibly flexible. You may adjust the firmness at any time by removing or adding hulls. Spending anywhere from 12-16 hours a day feeding your little babe during the first 6 months can be tough on your shoulders neck and back. While breastfeeding or bottle feeding, the Moon pillow takes the weight and strain off of you. While still being close, the breathable naturally temperature regulating pillow will minimize any sweating or discomfort.

    To transfer baby from feeding to sleeping, the moon pillow holds the weight of your baby and limits the startle reflex. Oftentimes we try to lay our sleeping one down and they immediately wake up. Using the moon pillow to make this transition is much more successful. 

    Generously sized so that you will not be hunching or leaning over to reach your babies mouth. Supports and encourages many breastfeeding positions from cradle to football to nursing twins, even side-lying. The moon pillow Is also excellent pillow for sitting, developing motor skills and tummy time. Other commonly used pillow functions are yoga practice, meditations, reading, stretching, using for a laptop or device rest which also has emf blocking aspects, used by massage therapists, chiropractic care, prenatal sessions, sound therapy and tuning fork sessions, used as a barrier to prevent rolling and many more.  



    Your pillow can be renewed over time by:

    Placing in the sun periodically to re-energize and disinfect.

    Removing the exterior cover and washing. Gentle/cold/line or tumble dry. 

    The zipper can be located on the case of the pillow, you may remove filling for a more flexible softer experience or increase the filling for firmness.

    The inner filling can be replaced, we recommend doing that every 3 years.

    The filling should not get wet with normal use. The cover and shell are tightly woven and most accidents will not leak inside. If you think it may have gotten wet you can dry it outside in the sun or place it in a low temp oven under 160 for 15 minutes. 

    The hulls are completely safe and wonderful for compost or ground cover. If you change out your hulls be sure to get them back to the earth. 

    We offer wool, kapok or organic cotton as alternative fillings by request. Please contact us to arrange an alternative filling.