8 Layer All Purpose Mini Blanket


A necessity for moms with a new baby. Small enough to take in the diaper bag, thick enough to use for a changing pad, burp cloth, small car seat blanket or lovey, could even be used as a makeshift cloth diaper. 8 layers of our organic cotton muslin. Breathable, soft, comforting and useful. 

 Size : 24”x 19” 


Certified Organic 8 Layer Organic Muslin Gauze Cotton



Preferably hand wash in lukewarm water with Castile soap or washing soda, to remove stains lay it in the sun pretreated with soap. The sun has an excellent stain removing effect. Do not scrub with bristles or use friction. 

Rinse and roll in towel, lay flat to dry.

We recommend this washing for all organic and heirloom materials. Because they do not contain plastic polyester or synthetics, they are delicate. To preserve the beauty and life of hand woven cloth you will want to minimize washing and drying in machines.

if you do wish to machine wash follow these guidelines for best results:

machine wash delicate in a laundry bag or with similar fabrics. Do not wash with Velcro or zippers, jeans, rough items. 
wash on cool temperatures, this fabric does not like heat. It can damage the fibers and lessen the softness.

Drying: hang dry to machime dry on extra low heat with similar fabrics. Because of the composition this will dry rather quickly. 

Ironing: not recommended