Conscious Comfort Pouch


Stay cozy with environmentally conscious comfort pouches. A slightly scaled down version of our WombWarmer, which makes it the perfect size for the teething littles and or eye/breast/perineum pillow. 

Can be used cold or warm

Multi purpose conscious comfort pouches can be used in a variety of ways:

Breast and nipple relief (clogged duct or soreness) 

Nap time-it’s like a mini warm hug, assisting in relaxation and falling asleep.

At bedtime for warming comfort on back or tummy.

Stress and anxiety relief

Soothing eye pillow

Headache and migraine relief

Neck, back, or shoulder tension

Postpartum perineum pain 

 For earache or tooth pain (hot or cold)

Car rides when it’s chilly or hot

Use in pockets when going outside to sled, shovel snow or take on stroller walks when it’s chilly, (perfect size for jacket pockets)

Use for boo boos instead of plastic gel packs

Use to cool feverish foreheads (cold)

To calm nerves 

Sensory experience for elevated needs

Add essential oils to increase comfort level

Can be used again and again ♻️

 Heating and Cooling instructions:

Heat in low temperature oven on 160-170 for 15 minutes or in the microwave for 15 seconds. (Hold against your skin before giving to children to ensure safety)

*heating in a low temperature oven will maintain heat for longer periods of time and distribute heat more evenly. 


We will carefully select a color for you based on inner guidance. There are few surprises in life making this more fun to receive. We change our fabrics often and have a variety of organic textiles we use for these useful pouches. Including waffle, linen, velvet, knit, muslin and botanically dyed pieces. It would be labor intensive to photograph and upload each one so this helps keep the cost at a reasonable amount. You are welcome to leave a note at checkout with a suggestion on colors you love or absolutely do not want. We hear quite often from our customers that it was exactly what they would have chosen. 

Dimensions are approximately 9” x 5”

Organic cotton canvas inner shell filled with organic winter wheat berries, which maintain temperature for long periods of time.

Organic covers and shells are made from end cuts during production of our pillows minimizing textile waste ♻️