Organic Buckwheat Hulls


Organic loose hulls for stuffing 

Does your pillow need some more fill? Easily top it off or replace your filling if needed. 

*Bundle with a cover and save 20%, discount will be applied automatically at checkout. 


Buckwheat Hulls can be re-energized and disinfected by placing them in the direct sunlight for an hour. If left inside the pillow, remove the cover and place in the sun. For a deeper clean you can empty into a large box and place that in the sun. Make sure there isn’t any wind coming or you might lose some of your little hulls. 


If you want to wash them and remove any dust you can get them wet. This process is a little time consuming but it can be done.

1. Remove Hulls into a large bag or box. 
2. Pour a small amount of 4-5 cups into a strainer. 
3. Slowly pour warm water on the hulls and swirl while draining until the water is gone. 
4. Prepare a large drying area that will be undisturbed for 8 hours. We use an old bed sheet. If you have no wind you may lay it outside in the sun for faster drying. 
5. Evenly spread the hulls out to dry, they need to be spaced apart and not in big clumps. 
6. Repeat the process until all of your hulls have been rinsed. 
7. Once dried, you can sift them back into your pillow.