Organic MoonBay™ Deep Blue


Organic cove for your earth conscious baby.

Made from 100% Organic Materials this lovely little bay is perfect for a secure and comfortable resting area. 

The sides are filled with organic buckwheat hulls which are perfect for keeping your little one feel safe and comforted without the worry of overheating.

Buckwheat Hulls are incredibly breathable which allows constant airflow. This makes them temperature regulating similar to linen and other raw natural made from Mother Nature materials. They are revered for being anti allergen, anti mold and dust mite resistant due to the high oxygen content. Recent research has shown that buckwheat hulls also block harmful emf radiation. 

The sides are a nice headrest for you to keep a close watch on your greatest adventure. 

There is a pocket on the underside which contains a removable pouch filled with organic lavender and chamomile flowers to help induce calm and relaxation. 

The design cradles and hugs your baby which helps them feel comfortable and held, resulting in less startling or movement. 

Small organic cotton and brass zipper (lead free) located at the bottom allows you to remove the hulls and wash the case if needed. The filling may also be replaced if desired. 

Includes a luxurious organic cotton sherpa insert filled with your choice of natural organic filling. 

Includes organic cotton bag for travel and safe keeping. 

 No chemicals, plastic, flame-retardants, pesticides, or other mystery ingredients are ever used in our materials or design. Locally sourced and made in the US. 


Please never leave baby unattended. Do not place near the edge of bed or couch. Designed to be in the center of bed, along a wall, or floor. We suggest reading up on safe co-sleeping practices as it is incredibly wonderful for many families and common throughout the world. Unfortunately there has been controversy regarding this innate human behavior. Please research and choose what feels best for you and your family. Keep in mind that there is rarely a mention of which products contain non breathable materials such as covering or filling. They also do not address off gassing or chemicals used in the manufacturing of these products. This is very key as polyester, poly fill, foam etc.. are plastic based, not plant based, we simply do not know the harmful effects because it has not been studied. 

According to 

"Co-sleeping (often spelled cosleeping, and also known as bed sharing or having a family bed) is the practice of having your infant in your bed with you during sleep. Co-sleeping promotes breastfeeding and bonding, and it is safer than crib/cot sleeping when practiced correctly. Co-sleeping beyond the breastfeeding years is common in many non-Western cultures, and even in the West many families choose to extend co-sleeping through toddlerhood and well into middle childhood.

Infants and children sleeping in isolation is a recently devised cultural practice to which the human species is not adapted. Our young thrive and grow optimally when they feel safe — in close proximity to familiar, nurturing caregivers — especially during sleep, when they are most vulnerable. Open-minded parents who’ve learned to “think outside the crib” are discovering that co-sleeping is one of the easiest ways to give their children a healthy start in life."


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