Sustainable Zen Pillow - Quilted Muslin


Organic pillows for your earth conscious littles. The Sustainable Zen pillow will provide an organic and comforting surface for your child to rest on. Made from 100% certified organic materials and filled with USDA organic buckwheat hulls or local sustainably sourced wool. (Includes removable aromatherapy herb pouch) both of which have been used traditionally for pillows in many cultures worldwide. This breathable pillow is excellent for sleep, travel, reading, and meditation. Includes organic cotton cover and organic cotton travel bag for safekeeping. 


•    all materials are 100% organic
•    locally sourced
•    naturally molds to head shape aligns spine
•    air flows freely through the hulls for a safer rest
•    breath-ability no overheating 
•    hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, non-toxic
•    distributes weight evenly
•    constant ventilation
•    comforting
•    durable heirloom quality
•    lasts 10 years and longer
•    sustainable
•    therapeutic


No Chemicals | Non GMO | Certified Organic Materials | Fair trade | ethically made | Sustainable | Compostable | Vegan | Eco Friendly

Measures 16" x 12"  

**Historically, babies were often given small pillows filled with herbs to help calm them or to ease crying during the bedtime hours. We offer optional aromatherapy addition to your pillow of organic lavender, chamomile & lemon balm.

Chamomile - Used for relaxation and pleasant dreams.

Lavender - These flowers have the ability to ease stress, soothe, and relax.

Lemon Balm - Known for it’s ability to reduce anxiety and insomnia. Also valuable for relieving headaches and stress.



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