Womb Warmer™ | Organic Self Care Healing Pack


The WombWarmer™ is a woman's self care, healing bag to be used for pre and post menstruation, during pregnancy, postpartum, post c-section, miscarriage endometriosis, hysterectomy, migraines, lower back pain, and for those with sensory issues. It provides soothing comfort for Mother Natures delicate moments.

The most amazing postpartum item for your healing and afterbirth. The warm compress is comfort and gentle on your tender areas. 

Hot or cold for breast pain including clogged ducts or engorgement, mastitis relief. 

Nap inducing / relaxation / Bed Warmer / Foot Warmer

Eye pillow / Headache Relief / Toothache Relief / Cooling  

Handcrafted with the finest, long lasting materials. 

*We often make unique warmers in botanical dyes such as indigo and madder root. Occasionally we will have a special handwoven, unique texture or print. By choosing the intuitive option you save a little and support our zero waste initiative. We hand select something just for you by listening to intuition. 


Inner Case- Organic Cotton Canvas - Organic Cotton Plus Winsted, CT certification 

Organic wheat berries and hulls.
The exterior cover is constructed of sustainably sourced stonewashed linen, washable. Pre-washed to prevent shrinkage. 

12”x 8”x 2" 1.5 Lbs 

Heat in oven on the lowest temperature (170 or lower) for 10-20 minutes (preferred method to ward off radiation) or in the microwave at 15 second intervals, Until the desired temperature is reached. Avoid overheating and use care. May also be used cold by placing in the freezer (migraines, sprains, swelling, bruising)