Organic Cotton Waffle Covers


Moonwomb waffle cover collection. Earthy sun soaked shades with deliciously soft textured organic cotton. Mushroom, Sedona, Oatmeal, Indigo, Raisin, and sunflower. 

Add to your moon cover collection or grab an extra for backup use. For a full seasonal refresh, lay your pillow in the sun to reenergize and disinfect. If you need to perk up your pillow with some new hulls, those can be located here Extra Hulls

This organic cotton is grown and spun by a family owned mill in the Pacific Northwest, Battleground, WA. 




Content:   100% certified organic cotton

Origin: United States, Pacific Northwest 

Product Care: 

Wash cold inside out with similar fabrics, natural detergent or Castile.
Tumble dry on low or line dry to lengthen the life and beauty. High heat breaks fibers and reduces the softness. 

Adding a small amount of vinegar to the rinse cycle is a natural fabric softener.